Сентябрь 2022
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Natalia & Vladimir Perevodtchikov

The Moscow Magic Duo, Vladimir and Natalia, have performed professionally since 1983. They are well-known artists in Russia and are developing a following in Eastern Europe and the United States. Their names appear in "The Big Encyclopedia of Circus and Stage Performances of Russia". Moscow Magic has appeared on many Russian TV shows. They are currently working on cruise ships in Europe and the Americas.

Vladimir and Natalia are 3rd generation magicians. Their "family secrets" are part of what makes their shows special and unique. In addition to their great magic, their costumes, music, and staging keep the audience enthralled from the very first to the last moment. Their shows include all kinds of magic — manipulation, illusion, transformation, choreography, and jongleur elements. All three of their shows receive the highest customer comments.

vp@moscow-magic.ru; np@moscow-magic.ru; mm@moscow-magic.ru